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Ok, unless you were sentenced to grow up in Northern Ontario and were in touch with progressive alternative music, the pioneering musical work of NAPALMED DOG probably means nothing to you - carry on with your meager life...
(N.R. Stutz & D. Masta) 

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Napalmed Dog: Recent News

Napalmed Dog releases the data-enhanced mini-CD "Dilution, Deletion & Dilation" (March 2004)

  • The new ND release "Dilution, Deletion & Dilation" is a compilation of 5 songs: Flat, Emili, Face the Door, Nasal Oddity, and 2 the C.  Its a mix of brand new material and a couple of old faves remastered digitally. This is a self-release issued on a mini audio CD with extra data.

  • How to View the Mini-CD Data: The mini-CD contains full bio & song information in a folder on the CD itself. Just put the CD in your PC, and instead of playing the audio with your audio-player, explore the folders on the CD like normal data. Open the CDPLUS folder and click the "Start_Me.htm" file to see the band bio, read lyrics & song histories, and listen to an old 4-track audio loop in most web browsers.

  • Of course, we don't have a label, but the DDD mini-CD is finding its way to several new and old fans, as well as a few college radio stations with very positive feedback! (and not just about the fancy colored mini-CD's either!)

  • Yes, we've begun work on another mini-release for later in 2005. Dave is also has this wild idea about outsourcing the production of a video to India - hey, it works for big companies, so wouldn't it be fun to try it artistically: send them a track and see what they come up with.  Can it be much worse than what's on lately?

  • Long-live college radio!

  • Contact us if you have any questions!


Bonus Aural Experiences!


Napalmed Dog: Old News

  • 2003 - Ok, its been awhile since this site was updated - I blame school.
  • We'll post & rotate new stuff on as it comes (see above)
  • We've crossed over deeper into the digital realm: recording on analog gear (for effect & sound), but more direct recording & mixing digitally.
  • See the site for band bio - I'll put some more up here later.
  • Hoping to work on getting some airplay on late night college radio.
  • Yes, ND is a studio-only band we started in hiskule cuz we were bored.
  • 12/2002 NRStutz: so here is what the main studio setup looks like lately:
  • From right to left: Fostex 812 mixer and YSM1 monitors above, R8 analog & rack effects + patchbays connected to the DSP2000 (under the monitor) and the PC (old Athlon 1200, CDRW etc.)
  • Its quite versatile - can patch & record or play from R8 to PC, direct into PC, or from the mixer (which is hooked to the drum room mics), & vice versa.
  • The PC also has a video setup on the other side where we input & edit analog and digital video, mostly with Vegas.
  • 4/00 - From D. Masta: Due to lack of time to create a new web site we've decided to turn the temporary N.D. website into the permanent one.  We're currently digitizing more songs and searching for more photos of us to put up on the site. Stay tuned - there will me more songs posted to, as well as updated bio-information and new clips on this site in the near future!
  • 12/99 - From N.R. Stutz: I got my analog 8-track back from the repair shop, so we will try to finish & mix a ton of old/new material in the next few months, some of which will be released on the minidisc "Lode Sokre."  We are also working on some new digital-only tunes and soundtracks - watch for the collection "alpha interferon failure" as well as some videoclips on neuraltraffic soon.  I am also in the process of deciding which digital multitrack solution to buy - a Gadget Labs Wave 8/24 [now defunct] or Digi 001 - this will help us backup legacy analog material and improve the release leadtimes on new material - because we do care!   Unless we're dead first... wait, thats a good song title....

To contact Napalmed Dog or get on the mailing list, send e-mail to

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